About Us

We are the Aivee Group, a company that specializes in aesthetics, dermatology, and wellness. Our flagship company, the Aivee Clinic was born in 2009, ever-emerging into a series of companies such as the A Institute, Aivee Skin, Aivee Cafe, Dr. Food, A-Star Laboratories, Keli Devices, and Luxuri Pets.

The Aivee Brand has been synonymous to excellence and success. It is named after our founder and medical director, Dr. Aivee Aguilar Teo, who established the clinic alongside her husband, Dr. Z’Shen Teo. At Aivee, novelty and innovation has been our continued and relentless pursuit in the ever-evolving field of Cosmetic Dermatology all throughout the years.


Dra. Aivee Aguilar-Teo

“A woman who’s confident, secure, and accomplished yet humble and compassionate is what I consider beautiful.” – Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo

Our founder and president, Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo is a skilled and qualified board-certified dermatologist with a special interest in cosmetic laser and aesthetic surgery. Graduating at the top of her class from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with her three-year residency program in dermatology, Dr. Aivee continued for further training in Louisville, Kentucky (USA), Ramathibodi Hospital in Bangkok, and was awarded a prestigious scholarship to train in the famous National Skin Center of Singapore.

Dr. Aivee attends international conferences in different parts of the world every year in pursuit to constantly learn and improve her knowledge and skills on the latest advancement in the ever-evolving field of cosmetic dermatology. Her exceptional interest lies in the field of non-invasive aesthetic medicine and is highly sought after for her unique management of skin problems AND weight loss programs.

Her practice is also the latest in non-invasive anti-aging treatments and cell regenerating therapies. Owing to her outgoing and kind personality, Dr. Aivee was given the People of the Year Award 2016 as being one of the most influential personalities in the Philippines. Her broad and continuous growth of expertise also awarded the Aivee Clinic the prestigious “Ulthera Golden Award for the Asia and Pacific Region” two years in a row and the “Ultherapy Visionary Award” five years in a row in recognition of being one of the world’s leaders in administering Ulthera treatments. In 2016, The Aivee Clinic was also awarded the top exclusive User Award for Botox and Juvederm by Allergan, USA. Dr. Aivee is married to Singaporean cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Z Teo, and is a doting mother to her sons, Ken-Z and Kenzo, and only daughter Kelicia.

Dr. Z’Shen Teo

“We get used to a certain way of doing things that we fail to innovate and stretch ourselves, then we lose the essence of what going through life means.” – Dr. Z’Shen Teo

After completing his basic medical training at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, as well as continuing his Medical and Surgical training in Singapore, Dr. Z Teo took a keen interest in medical aesthetics upon witnessing the physical and psychological benefits when principles of wellness and beauty come together. Following this new-found passion, Dr. Z Teo trained under the mentorship of regionally renowned cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists with the aim of perfecting his skills. Today, he operates from his clinic in Paragon Medical Suites, Orchard Road, Singapore.

Dr. Z Teo believes in enhancing his patient’s appearance naturally and improving their body image using minimally invasive, non-surgical methods. Dr. Z Teo’s approach is based on fully understanding his patient’s needs, goals, and lifestyle before he proceeds to recommend the appropriate treatments. In 2014, Dr. Z developed the signature “Z-Lift”, a minimally invasive facelift that gives years back to the patient in a matter of minutes. He has been an expert trainer for Allergan Inc. in Botox and Fillers and has conducted training workshops for younger surgeons and doctors in Singapore and the rest of the region. Rising from a distinguished medical background, Dr. Z Teo draws inspiration from his father, a well-respected senior medical practitioner with more than 30 years of experience. A proud father of three, Dr. Z Teo enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his family.






A – AUTHENTICITY (The Aivee Brand upholds the quality of being genuine and trustworthy)

I – INTEGRITY (The Aivee Group has a strong moral principle/moral uprightness)

V – VICTORIOUS (In whatever we do, we are honored to achieve victory to conquer and be triumphant in all aspects)

E – EXCELLENCE (The Aivee Group ensures that in everything we do, we do it once, we do it right and we do well)

E – EMPATHY (We believe in the golden rule which is putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes)



In the span of 2 years, the Aivee Brand has expanded more. The Aivee Clinic launched another branch in Bellevue Hotel in Alabang. The first hotel-based clinic was opened by Dr. Aivee Teo, after giving birth to her second son, Kenzo.


The Aivee Group located at Forbes Town Road in BGC, our Headquarters was established. With a clear focus on doing only the best, The Aivee Clinic continued to grow, becoming one of the pioneers in the beauty and wellness industry in the Philippines. In a short span of six years, the Aivee brand became synonymous with excellence and trust to the Filipinos.


The first Aivee Clinic in a major shopping mall was set-up in SM Mega Fashion Hall to cater to their patients in the North of Metro Manila.


The new Aivee Clinic found its new home in the green and breezy Commerce Center in Alabang. Concerning the beauty of the location and its natural surroundings, the bright and open layout went beyond one’s expectations of a beauty hub.


The A Institute was launched as the latest cutting-edge center of excellence, combining the country’s top surgeons with arguably the most advanced and sophisticated world-class surgical facility in the country. This new multi-speciality clinic features 6 specialty labs: Aesthetic Surgery, HairLab, Slimming Lab, Anti-Ageing Lab, Snoring Lab, and Ortho Sports.

Simultaneously, the Aivee Cafe was introduced artfully to satisfy distinguishing and health-conscious palettes. The cafe aims to bring together extensive choices of comfort food, refreshing and healthy drinks, and delightful desserts with a healthy twist. The first two branches of the Aivee Cafe are located in the A Institute in Forbes Town and in the Aivee Clinic in Burgos Circle, BGC.

With the popular emergence of the Aivee Cafe, the Aivee Group was also perceptive in launching Dr. Food, a brand made for holistic nutrition and healthy food selections. Dr. Food aims to provide health and fitness goals through a personalized meal plan tailored to fit specific body types and preferences.


As if the original Aivee Fort was not beautiful enough, the celebrated flagship clinic of Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo together with Dr. Z Teo in the Fort, got a chic makeover in time for its eighth anniversary. The new Aivee Fort is now more expansive and plusher with new additional treatment rooms and an inviting and sophisticated new color palette of dove grays, whites, and gold.

In the same year, the Aivee Group found a rewarding and higher purpose in the medical field —#BeautyBeyondBorders was created. Launched alongside the Aivee Clinic Fort's re-opening, Aivee x Art was born, a by-invitation art auction celebrating both beauty and art. The Teos, in collaboration with J Studio and Provenance Art Gallery, have commissioned several young up-and-coming artists to each create an artwork inspired by the theme Beauty Beyond Borders. Proceeds of the art go to the medical missions conducted by the Aivee Group.


A new Aivee Clinic opened in Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City. Created for people who came from the northernmost part of Metro Manila, the clinic has a unique and different design that is more timely and modern for customers to see.

But Dr. Z Teo wanted to do more. As he continues to envision the significance of having cutting-edge and innovative technology in aesthetics and dermatology, the emergence of the Keli Devices Distribution, Inc. was a massive move for the Aivee Brand. Keli Devices aims to provide the most advanced energy-based devices and scientifically-proven products in the dermatological industry.

Meanwhile, the BBB Medical Mission was fully in action.


The vast rise of the Aivee Brand is unstoppable as the Aivee Group expands more as the Aivee Cafe opened two more branches at SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, and Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City.


Going beyond her job of the numerous glowing faces she's responsible for, Dr. Aivee continued to build an empire committed to serving the Filipino people, not only in aesthetics but in health too.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, the Aivee group showed responsible leadership by prioritizing first and foremost the health and welfare of both her patients and associates. Because of the limited access to beauty and wellness centers, the Aivee Group launched Aivee Skin, a line of innovative skincare devices and products formulated by our laboratory partners worldwide. Aivee Skin aims to provide patients with an FDA-approved, cutting-edge skincare line designed to give maximum results with minimal fuss.

In the same year, Keli Kleen was introduced to the market as a disinfection service under the company, Keli Devices. It aims to provide utmost cleaning and disinfection services for homes and office areas that need thorough attention for sanitation using Fogging, UVC and Ozonizer.

Dr. Z Teo, being at the forefront of advanced technologies, saw the scarcity of RT-PCR testing sites as a way to give back to the community. A-Star Laboratories was born and had one goal: to provide quick, reliant, and accurate RT-PCR testing and results in 4 hours.


As an advocate for animal wellness, the founders of the Aivee Group take pride in establishing Luxuri Pets, a one-stop pet shop that provides a variety of premium animal supplies, accessories, and veterinary services for beloved fur babies.