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Aivee Skin Acne Kit

Finding the right skincare products that work for acne-prone skin can be a bit tricky, and sometimes, it might seem like a never-ending battle -if not treated properly. Breakouts can be triggered not only by using harsh and abrasive products alone. There are a lot of factors to consider, like your diet, hormones, stress, too much touching of face, not being a neat-freak (clean your brushes ladies!) and more.

Changing the beauty industry since 2009, The Aivee Clinic recently launched a skincare line called the “Aivee Skin”, which was carefully developed for years. The Aivee Skin Acne Kit, has a gentle and non-irritating formula that doesn’t overcompensate moisture reduction nor oil production. If used regularly, it can help decongest your pores to lessen the signs of flare-up and contains complex peptides to reduce the appearance of acne marks leaving a soft and blemish-free skin.

Steps to Acne-Free Skin:


✅ Cleanse and exfoliate for brighter skin appearance.

✅ Recommended for oily skin

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


✅ A non-drying, alcohol-free toner that is of 100% botanical source.

✅ It provides a soothing and mildly astringent effect.

✅ Leaves skin soft and clean.

✅ Helps to further absorb serum and moisturizer.

✅ Good for skin with pigmentation. Fine lines and wrinkles.

✅ Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.

✅ Recommended use: Day and night.


✅ Contains Alpha Lipoic Acid to provide protection from free radical damages, calendula to soothe inflammation and Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin.

✅ Recommended for oily skin

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


✅ Contains a complex of peptides to reduce the appearance of acne marks resulting to an even skin tone.

✅ Promotes skin hydration

✅ Recommended for oily skin

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


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