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Aivee Skin Brightening Kit

The struggle begins when at a certain age, blotchy patches or hyperpigmentation known as “dark spots” show up. Factors such as sun exposure, aging, hormonal fluctuation and buildup of dead skin cells can clog pores that messes up our skins even-tone. Trying to hide uneven spots with layers of make-up, is an absolute NO-GO! With renowned experts in the field developing this formula, you will get over these problems in a cake-walk.

Now let’s dive into details and evened-out your complexion the right way. The Aivee Skin Brightening Kit is formulated with an advanced and high concentrated Vitamin C which helps boost skin regeneration process to repair damaged skin cells. Effectively clears out impurities to correct the uneven top layer of the skin and deep into pores. Reduces pools of unwanted pigmentations and brightens affected areas to a noticeable luminous and translucent skin.

Steps to brighten up your skin:


✅ Daily cleanser with Vitamin C that works to enhance skin complexion.

✅ Effectively removes impurities to brighten dull skin.

✅ Recommended for skin with pigmentation.

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


✅ A non-drying, alcohol-free toner that is of 100% botanical source.

✅ It provides a soothing and mildly astringent effect.

✅ Leaves skin soft and clean.

✅ Helps to further absorb serum and moisturizer.

✅ Good for skin with pigmentation. Fine lines and wrinkles. Dry and sensitive skin.

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


✅ A moisturizing aid that diminishes dark spots and discolorations.

✅ Restores clarity and brightness of dull and uneven skin.

✅ Recommended for skin with fine lines and wrinkles

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


✅ This phytonutrient-rich serum minimizes dullness and appearance of spots.

✅ Reveals a more luminous and translucent skin.

✅ Recommended for pigmented skin.

✅ Recommended use: Day and night


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