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How Often Should You Change or Wash Your Face Mask

With the increased use of reusable face masks, concerns as to how to reuse them correctly have been such an important thing to discuss following the procedures to ensure they remain effective in minimizing health risks caused by the virus.

The SoKo Glam: 10 Steps Day and Night Korean Skin Care

The night skincare routine, generally repeats the same steps from the morning routine. It’s basically about cleansing your skin from all the gunk accumulated for the day and hydrating your skin well while you rest.

First Time to Build Your Skincare Routine? Here’s What You Need to Know

First, you need to know your skin type since kincare products can be skin type-specific. There are three main skin types —- Oily, Normal/Combination, and Dry and here’s how you can determine which one is yours

The Bare-Minimum Skin Care Regimen You Should Be Doing Every Day

No need to be puzzled by all of these beauty trends. You can always go basic. Here’s the bare-minimum with skincare regimen that you should be doing every day.

Don’t Just Follow the Trend Know Your Skincare

Speaking of Korean beauty, we’ve developed a fascination about how Koreans always look perfect with their runway-worthy sense of style, and not to mention their seamless glowing skin. Like, what’s their secret? There’s this one skincare style that either turns people off or lights them up like dynamite. It’s the so-called 10-steps Korean Skin Care routine.

How Good is Intermittent Fasting? Does it Really Work Though?

For some people, losing weight can be quite a challenge. Not everyone can easily shed off some extra pounds whenever they say they will. We all have different body types, different lifestyles, and different body responses to exercise and diet.

Skincare Tips for the Morenas: Embracing Your Skin Color

Here are some skin care tips that you can try that we think will make your morena skin stand out more. Keep your skin moisturized. In a good skincare routine, this step is always on the list.

Breaking it Down with Pimple vs Zit vs Acne: Know the Difference and How To Treat Them

Pimples…Zits… Acne… these are only some of the common threats to human skin, especially in the face. But wait, aren’t they just the same?

Suffering from Breakouts Due to Wearing Facemask? Here’s How To Treat and Prevent Maskne

In medical terms, Maskne (Mask + Acne) is referred to as acne mechanica, a skin condition caused by prolonged wearing of facial protective equipment such as masks.