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These Treatments Will Make You Say Goodbye To Unwanted Cheek Fat

Puffy and chubby cheeks make you look young and cute. But let’s be completely honest here. As you age, you don’t really want to look cute anymore. While looking young is the ultimate goal while adding years to your life, you’d rather see yourself looking like you’re aging with grace.

Want the Ultimate Quarantine Glow-up? Try These Body Treatments that Your Body Would Love

Flawless, dewy, and practically spotless glass-like skin is still in today and we’ve already been accustomed to the 10-steps Korean skincare. With so much time on your hands, you probably have time to follow through the many steps in achieving that healthy dewy glow.

Acne Scars? Try These Laser Treatments and Don’t Be Scarred For Life

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best laser treatments by Aivee Clinic that will help free your skin from the traumas of acne; laser treatments that rejuvenate your skin while targeting some of your most problematic skin issues.

The Secret’s Out! Here’s How to Have a Younger-Looking Skin

So what then is the secret to having a glowing and younger-looking skin in the future? Well, the secret’s out —- Show your skin some love and take care of your complexion as early as now.

Skin Treatments for a Perfectly Contoured Face

We all want that perfectly contoured appearance– a small face, puffed cheeks, and a well- defined jawline. Well, it’s the “Kardashian effect” that made us do it — the contouring.

The Aivee Clinic Honored the Best Ultherapy in the Philippines and more in the 2020 Merz Tala Awards

It was yet again another year of a stellar performance by the Aivee Clinic, as the esteemed bagged the highest and most prestigious awards during the 2020 Merz Tala Awards.

What to Expect After Getting Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment

The Thermage treatment in the PH has become one of the most popular skin tightening solutions to address skin aging.

Skin and Body Treatments You Need According to Your Skin

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best skin and body treatments that the Aivee Clinic has to offer for your various skin needs.

How Effective is Ultherapy and How It Works

A non-surgical procedure that gives you an instant face lift without the downtime, seems like an over promise but not exactly fake news. This is what dermatology clinics like the Aivee Clinic say about the Aivee Ultherapy.