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How Effective is Ultherapy and How It Works

Back in the days, when you want something enhanced, we turn to cosmetic surgeries to achieve the change we wanted even though they hurt. A true manifestation indeed of “Pain is Beauty.”

However, with the advancement of technology, non-invasive cosmetic procedures are now up in the market which ultimately plummeted the use of invasive treatments. How so? 

Well naturally, some patients want the treatment without the pain, without the downtime. Gone are the days when patients have to miss weeks of days out for recovery, waiting to reveal the result behind layers of bandages. Some patients just want to skip the tedious aftercare process which is why they opt straight to non-invasive cosmetic treatments. 

In case you are confused as to what non-invasive cosmetic treatments are, these are procedures that do not break the skin in any way. These treatments involve the use of advanced technologies designed to provide instant results with little to no downtime. 

In this article, we are going to get in-depth with a non-invasive treatment that has been making a buzz in the field of dermatology. This non-invasive treatment is known as Ultherapy, a facial lifting and tightening procedure that uses ultrasound to reverse the effects of aging. 

Now the question is, “is it worth the hype?”.

How Does Ultherapy Work? Is it Really Effective? 

A non-surgical procedure that gives you an instant face lift without the downtime, seems like an over promise but not exactly fake news. This is what dermatology clinics like the Aivee Clinic say about the Aivee Ultherapy. 

What is Ultherapy? 

The Ultherapy treatment is a non-invasive procedure that works by bypassing the surface of the skin and delivers focused ultrasound energy that triggers the body’s collagen regenerative process– also known as neocollagenesis. The ultrasound stimulates the formation of new collagen in the skin’s foundation which results in a significant lift and tightening of the skin which will be more visible in two to three months. It can be used to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, tighten the brows, neck, jowls, and other parts of the face that tend to sag. 

Does it really work?

Absolutely. The before and after results cannot lie. Unlike the surgical facelift, the procedure involves zero to no downtime. This treatment is regarded as a “lunchtime treatment” since you can literally proceed with the rest of your day after the treatment. Patients would feel instant tightness, however, the visible results are gradual as the treatment is designed to trigger the collagen regeneration on the skin which will keep the skin tight and lifted. 

Some patients describe a buzzing sensation underneath the skin, however, it manifests that the skin is resuscitating the tightness of the skin as the collagen starts to knit altogether to do its job. Optimal and noticeable results show up in two or three months in which the skin will tighten, thus, getting rid of laxity in the skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

How long does the result last? 

Optimal results appear in two to three months, however, you can already feel the skin tightening right after the treatment. Since its effect is stimulating the formation of collagen on the inside, the effect gets better over time. 

To experience the effects of Ultherapy, patients only need 1-2 treatments which will depend on the laxity of the skin and the response of the skin to the ultrasound. Depending on the patient’s natural aging process, the results can last for a year or more before needing to do another treatment to control the aging process. 

Can it replace a facelift? 

Ultherapy is for those who do not want invasive treatments such as surgery to target sagging skin. Although it is designed to have the same effects as the usual surgical facelift wherein it lifts the sagging skin, it won’t match the results of an invasive facelift. It is rather a non-invasive alternative for skin lifting and tightening.

Ultherapy, however, is a great rejuvenation treatment that can be used to postpone the need for a surgical facelift as it promotes collagen production so the effects can last for a long time. The Ultherapy is a good aesthetic maintenance treatment to combat signs of aging.

Who can do the Ultherapy? 

Anyone who has a problem with their degree of laxity is a good candidate especially those who have loose skin under the neck, chin, and cheeks. Typically, those who want some facial lifting but do not want to undergo invasive treatments can do the Ultherapy. Most patients are those who are in the early 30s and older, but some younger people do this treatment as an aesthetic maintenance option. 

Aivee Ultherapy: The Best Ultherapy in the PH

The Aivee Ultherapy in the PH, since its launch to the market, has been one of the most popular facial lifting treatments used by many celebrities and beauty enthusiasts alike. The Aivee Clinic has been dedicating its years of development into finding solutions to skin and body issues that are non-invasive as much as possible. No downtime, only great results. 


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