Institute BGC

The A Institute was launched as the latest cutting edge center of excellence
in a multi-specialty facility combining the countries’ top surgeons with
arguably the most advanced and sophisticated world class surgical facility
in the country and the region featuring 5 specialty labs.


Renuvion cosmetic technology is the result of extensive scientific research and clinical development. Because of its proprietary balance of helium and RF energy it has been described as ideal for medical procedures where precision and control are key to an effective treatment.

Aivee Air Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

For total body wellness, this anti-inflammatory, muscle recovery, and detoxification machine is a favorite among many health and wellness enthusiasts.

Breast Reduction

Also known as reduction mammaplasty, this procedure removes excess fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts. Breast reduction surgery can also alleviate discomfort, or achieve a a suitable size in proportion to your body. 

Interval: 3 Hours

Downtime: 7-10 Days

FUE Eyebrows

Follicular Unit Excision is a type of hair transplant that involves removing individual, naturally occurring follicular units. These are then grafted into the recipient area where people desire more hair and it mimics a nice and natural, elegant finish.