Aivee Aerolase Neo Skin

From brown and red pigments, unwanted hair, acne plus the visible signs of aging like fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles, the Aivee Aerolase Neo Skin handles all these skin problems in one single device.


Rejuvenation has never been this easy. With multiple therapies and benefits in one, this laser treatment effectively gives the skin the instant rejuvenation it needs making your skin glow with health.


Book your Aivee Aerolase Neo Skin treatment now and come out renewed and with better skin after every session!


An Unmatched Rejuvenation with Aivee’s Aerolase Neo Skin


We all get old. So does our skin.


It is no secret that when we reach a certain age, the obvious signs of aging will eventually start to appear on the skin in forms of lax skin, wrinkles, veins, lines, spots and many more–and you know that once they start showing up, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Or so we thought.


As skin ages, it goes through a lot of changes. The skin becomes drier, thinner, it sags and forms wrinkles due to the decrease of collagen. Other than it is a natural process, other factors such as too much sun exposure, sugar, and smoking, trigger skin aging much faster.


The thing about collagen is that it is affected by age in many ways and while it is naturally and abundantly produced by the body, it continues to decrease as you age. This is the reason why a lot of skin treatments today are centered on boosting the collagen in the skin to help regain its tightness and rejuvenate it.


A lot of men and women prefer to look as young as possible which is why Aivee Clinic continues to develop and innovate their technology when it comes to finding the right solution for many skin problems. One of the best in their roster of best rejuvenating procedures is the Aerolase Neo Skin.


It’s basically a single procedure with the benefit of many skin treatments as it addresses if not all, but many big skin problems such as acne, dark spots, unwanted hair, pigmentation, wrinkles and more. It also boosts collagen production to help tighten and repair damaged skin. This leaves you a more renewed and rejuvenated skin after every session.


So how does the Aivee Aerolase Neo Skin work?


The Aivee Clinic proudly offers the best Aerolase Neo Skin treatment in the Philippines. The Aerolase Neo Skin treatment uses the state-of-the-art 650 Microsecond laser that safely penetrates the skin to correct problems with acne, skin tone, and texture, redness and pigmentation with no injections and pricking involved.


What patients love about this treatment is that it also works great for people who have oily skin as it decreases oiliness. Aside from that, it also targets unwanted hair and gives your skin a matte finish making it an ultimate rejuvenation treatment made possible by one single device.


Some patients love the visible results after their session and even come back for more for that amazing glow that gets better over time. Because of what this treatment can offer, Dra. Aivee often recommends the Aerolase Neo Skin treatment to her patients who want to experience total rejuvenation with minimal downtime.


What’s great about this single treatment is that it is safe for use by people of all ages and skin types who have various skin problems and are bothered by aging skin. It basically offers the solution to a wide range of skin concerns that would have required multiple treatments to achieve.

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