The Aivee Potenza is the latest treatment for RF microneedling, using a versatile machine that allows customizable treatments for the skin’s specific needs.


Aivee Potenza
✅ Tightens and lifts the skin
✅ Improves blemishes on the skin
✅ Rejuvenates the skin
✅ Addresses acne scars
✅ Improves the appearance of pores

Duration: 60 minutes per session


Additionally, even Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashain has expressed her love for this treatment as it “takes it all away!” referring to her different skin concerns with its microneedling technology.

Popular Treatments

Aivee Ulthera

As we age, the collagen that we have that keeps the skin tight and lifted begins to loosen its shape.

Aivee Thermage

Non-invasive, safe, age-defying, skin-lifting, and ultra-relaxing— this is what Aivee Thermage is all about.

Aivee Robotic Lift

As time goes by, our skin loses its tightness and elasticity making it sag in places where we don’t want it to, especially on the jowl, cheeks, and neck.

Aivee Bright

When your skin is dull, it lacks the glow of a healthy skin.