Aivee Angel Bright

Overall body whitening has never been this easy!


Brighten up your skin with the Aivee Angel Bright laser treatment. This body whitening laser system uses a wide range of super-short pulses that safely and effectively penetrate the skin to address skin pigmentation, and for overall general body whitening. It also helps get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, as for a smooth and clear complexion.


Book your Aivee Angel Bright treatment today for a luminous and perfectly white skin from head to toe!


Lighten Common Dark Areas With Aivee Angel Bright


An even skin tone can be hard to achieve especially when your skin has few dark areas such as in elbows, knees, inner thighs, underarms, and other parts of the body which can be quite visible. While these do not cause harm to the body, you may somehow want to lighten these areas for you to achieve an overall nice complexion.


These dark areas are commonly referred to as hyperpigmentation which is caused by excess production of melanin which gives the skin its color. Some common factors leading to hyperpigmentation are excessive sun exposure and increased levels of hormones that increase melanin synthesis.


If you are someone who has dark spots or is dealing with hyperpigmentation, know that this is a common skin condition that can be treated with numerous remedies available.


There are a lot of remedies that you can try from whitening lotions, creams to chemical peels, and even laser treatments. But if you are looking for a skin treatment that can give you an overall instant body whitening, you may want to try the Aivee Angel Bright, one of Aivee Clinic’s best body whitening treatments in the Philippines.


The Angel Bright treatment is designed to address your body whitening needs as it helps lighten your skin tone from the face, neck, arms, elbows, chest, back, and down to the inguinal area and legs. This treatment also best addresses dark underarms and even smooths out the area and prevents chicken skin.


The Angel Bright Body Laser is the only laser designed to use a wide range of short-pulse technologies under the patented MaQx modalities which make it possible to target skin pigmentation and whiten as many parts of the body possible.


Stars like Kaye Abad and Angel Locsin do this treatment regularly to maintain their clear and smooth complexion. This highly effective treatment is what makes their skin tone even, brighter, and glowing with life.


This treatment is non-invasive and safe so there is no downtime and can be done once a month together with the Shining Bright White Laser for that perfectly bright and luminous skin all over.


Achieve an even and lighter skin tone with Aivee Angel Bright and have that healthy glow from head to toe. Visit the Aivee Clinic for more skin and body treatments perfect for any of your skin concerns.

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