Beverly Hills Lift

Sagging skin? No way!


Give your skin an instant lift with the Aivee Beverly Hills Lift. One of the newest world-class treatments of Aivee Clinic that tightens your skin instantly with visible results right after one session. This skin lifting and tightening treatment is powered by radiofrequency technology that penetrates the skin to improve its laxity for visibly tight and contoured features.


Keep your skin tight and give your skin the lift it needs with the Aivee Beverly Hills. Book your session now!



Get that Hollywood-worthy Look with Aivee Beverly Hills Lift


Sagging skin can be caused mainly by two age-related reasons — the loss of collagen and the loss of facial fat. Without these, the skin loses its elasticity and will eventually droop.


Sagging has become synonymous with aging. As we age, the skin undergoes drastic changes as the production of collagen and elastin, which are the foundations of a supple, young and elastic skin, start to slow down. Along with it is the exposure to UV rays which causes the collagen to break down which is not readily replenished by the body. This makes the skin become prone to wrinkles, folds, sagging skin, pigmentation, and other visible signs of aging.


Good thing there are now skin tightening treatments available that can easily help reverse sagging skin to maintain that youthful glow.


Aiming for that Hollywood-worthy visuals? The Aivee Clinic got you all covered.


When it comes to skin tightening treatments, the Aivee Clinic is one sought after dermatology and aesthetic clinic in the country that offers state-of-the-art treatments for lax skin.


One of their most popular skin tightening treatments used by many celebrities is the Aivee Beverly Hills Lift. ICYDK, this treatment is one of the favorite skin lifting treatments by many Hollywood stars like the Kardashians.


Nadine Lustre especially loves skin tightening treatments. One of her favorite skin maintenance treatments is the Aivee Beverly Hills which she does to keep her skin contoured and always camera-ready.


The Aivee Beverly Hills Lift is a quick and non-invasive skin lift treatment that not only contours the skin but also gives it the right lift it needs. It uses radiofrequency technology to improve collagen production to tighten the skin for that smooth and defined look, as well as target areas that are prone to sagging. It’s a painless application with no downtime so patients can get it anytime for that instant contoured look.


The Aivee Clinic offers the best Beverly Hills Lift Treatment in the Philippines like no other. The Beverly Hills Lift is only one of the best anti-aging treatments to address your skin tightening needs along with Thermage, Ulthera, and Protégé.


Say goodbye to saggy skin and restore a firmer, smoother, tighter, and younger appearance with Aivee Beverly Hills Lift.


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