Aivee Bright (Shining Bright)

When your skin is dull, it lacks the glow of a healthy skin. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to brighter and healthier looking skin with Aivee Shining Bright laser treatment. This non-invasive laser treatment uses dual yellow laser technology that improves skin complexion and targets various skin pigmentation issues such as uneven skin tone and melasma.


Book your Aivee Shining Bright treatment today and watch your skin go from dull to a radiant!


Say Goodbye to Dull Skin, Hello to Brighter and Younger Skin with Aivee Shining Bright


Radiant, flawless, and glowing with health — that’s the type of skin we all want to have. When your skin is dull, it looks dry and uneven. A lackluster complexion isn’t that hard to describe as it generally lacks the radiance of a healthy skin. It can be attributed to various reasons such as diet, lifestyle, lack of rest and hydration, as well as aging.


If you’re already over 30, having dull skin is not uncommon at all and it may be one of the most common skincare dilemmas that people have regardless of age. The thing about skin is that, when you’re young, the skin exfoliates every two weeks so dead skin cells are naturally shed and are replaced with new ones. The lack of exfoliation is also one major reason for dull skin as it prevents newer and brighter skin to reveal.


Reclaim that Youthful Complexion with Aivee Shining Bright


The Aivee Shining Bright is a non-invasive laser treatment that uses a dual yellow laser that improves uneven skin tone to instantly brighten the skin. This skin brightening treatment has become one of the most popular treatments in the Aivee Clinic Singapore for its effectiveness in rejuvenating the skin making it brighter and glowing with life.


This skin-brightening laser treatment offers a multi-wavelength capability that allows the laser to deeply penetrate the skin without damaging the tissues to specifically target various types of skin pigmentation issues such as age spots, discoloration from acne and melasma.


The Aivee Shining Bright is equipped with Fast Edge Micropulse (FEM) technology that helps curb the excess production of melanin in the skin that causes hyperpigmentation of the skin. It also kills bacteria that usually cause the acne and inflammation of the skin. It also increases collagen stimulation which makes the skin firm and supple without wrinkles and lines to help you bring back the radiance in your skin.


The Aivee Shining Bright is a perfect treatment that is recommended for optimal skin rejuvenation for any skin types and for those who have acne and blemishes and other skin problems in almost any area of the body such as the face, eye area, neck, arms and more.


Along with other Aivee facials, Catriona Gray did the Aivee Shining Bright laser as one of her preparations for the Miss Universe to brighten, refresh and revive her skin. It’s a great treatment for overall skin rejuvenation and anti-aging making her skin glow and ready to take the crown.


This laser treatment is among the safest and most effective laser treatments for anti-aging, skin brightening, and dark spots there is. Not only in Singapore, but the Aivee Clinic also offers the best Shining Bright in the Philippines. No broken skin, with little to no downtime, fast and easy procedure with the instant visible result after every treatment, no wonder it is one of the favorite treatments for anti-aging.


Say goodbye to dull skin and reclaim a more vibrant and luminous youthful complexion with Aivee Shining Bright. Visit the Aivee Clinic for more skin and body treatments that your skin will surely love.

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When your skin is dull, it lacks the glow of a healthy skin.