Aivee Crystal Bright TX

Get that instant luminous holiday glow with this 6-min skin lightening treatment!


The Aivee Crystal Bright TX is a cutting-edge skin lightening laser procedure that ensures maximum glow by pumping nano-molecules of brightening serum deep into the layers of the skin. A pain-free and more effective way of skin lightening that is used not only on the face but also on the areas you wish to whiten such as in the elbow, underarms, groin, and face.


Revitalize and get rid of dullness with Aivee Crystal bright TX and give your skin a new and healthy glow. Book your session now!


Get Brighter and Luminous Skin with this 6-min Skincare Treatment


As Asians, it is no surprise that many of us have this concept of beauty which is to have lighter skin. Just look at how much we adore Koreans for their silky white complexion, that we even adapt their 10-steps Korean skincare routine which is ridiculously effort-consuming, as well as trying a bunch of skin lightening products to whiten the skin.


While there are a lot of products and treatments available in the market that offer promising results, the effect is superficial in many cases and are not all equally effective.


We all want to have bright and luminous skin. With the increasing desire of customers for the perfect complexion, the Aivee Clinic has been developing for years in finding the best solutions for all skin needs. One of their best treatments to date is the Aivee Crystal Bright TX.


The Aivee Crystal Bright TX makes use of the Crystal Bright Whitening System, a cutting-edge optimized laser device developed in South Korea that effectively whitens darkened skin. Aivee Clinic is one of the few clinics offering the Crystal Bright treatment in the Philippines.


This device makes use of a precise multi-nanosome granulated (MNG) technology that effectively creates fresh serum with zero preservatives (no parabens, no chemicals, no harmful ingredients) in which the laser delivers through micro-channels deep into the skin for that significant lightening and brightening effects.


For this treatment, all you need is roughly six minutes of laser procedure per session. The treatment is safe and painless and involves minimal to no downtime as the optimized energy levels and the micro-beams allow your skin to recover quickly. This is literally like a normal skin care treatment that you can do on a normal day.


The Aivee Crystal Bright TX is good for all skin types and can be applied not just on the face but as well as to the other parts of the body that need lightening such as the neck, elbows, underarms, knees, and groin.


Due to its benefits, Aivee Crystal Bright TX became one of the most favorite treatments by many celebrities as it provides the glow they need to face the spotlight.


Aside from the skin-lightening and brightening effects, the Crystal Bright Laser Whitening System also helps smooth out the skin to improve its texture and hydrates it. In just six minutes, you can come out revitalized, and feel fresh with skin that’s bright and glowing with life.



For more skin rejuvenating and permanent brightening treatments, visit the Aivee Clinic and get the glow you’ve always wanted.

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