Aivee Dome

Aivee Dome is a state of the art body rejuvenating treatment that has been taking body relaxation to a whole new level. This infratherapy dome helps your body detoxify by releasing all toxins accumulated in the body that makes you feel bloated and stressed.


The Aivee Dome also helps in facilitating weight loss, body recovery, and in rejuvenating the skin by inducing gentle heat to the body to make your body sweat sans the rigorous exercise or diet as it promotes total body wellness all at the same time.


Book your Aivee Dome treatment now and have that instant full body detox that your body needs!


Show Your Body Some Love with a Full Body Detox


Stress is an inevitable part of our everyday life and our bodies are well equipped to handle small doses of it. But, just like anything else in excess, stress can bring serious effects to our overall health as it triggers the release of toxins in the body that can wear you down, make you gain weight, and make you look haggard.


While eating healthy, proper sleep, regular exercise, and positiveness can help ease the stress and help you get fit, some people just don’t have the time of day to do all these things. Good thing there’s an easier and effective alternative detox treatment that you can do to shed off weight, detoxify, and overall rejuvenate sans the strict diet and heavy workouts.


What we are talking about here is the Aivee Dome, one of Aivee Clinic’s rejuvenating treatments that help your body detoxify and shed off bodily stresses by giving it the pampering it needs. It’s like a private sauna but much comfier than sitting in a hot room.


Celebrities who love this treatment are Angel Locsin and Kathryn Bernardo who use this body treatment to rejuvenate and shed off some weight. If you are someone who looks forward to summer just like Kathryn, the Aivee Dome is a perfect weight loss treatment to get your body ready for the summer.


The Aivee Dome uses infrared therapy that makes your body sweat from the neck down while lying down in a dome-like machine that cocoons and gently warms the entire body. Because it helps detoxify your body from toxins caused by stress, the Aivee Dome can help stimulate and strengthen the immune system, lessen bloating, and rejuvenate the skin leaving you a renewed and relaxed body after every session.


If you are someone who loves to sweat it out, but find exercise not enough to get that satisfying renewed feeling of relieving body stresses, the Aivee Dome is definitely one that should be on your checklist.


Our bodies have a natural response to stress and we all know it’s not exactly what you’d want your body to have. When your body asks for a break, it’s time to give it the pampering it deserves.


Say Yes to good health and give your body the love it deserves! Visit the Aivee Clinic for more body treatments that will help your body feel good from within.

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