Aivee Glass Facial

Glass Skin isn’t something you can wing quite easily. But with the Aivee Glass Facial by the Aivee Clinic, you can now achieve that clear, pore-less, and almost translucent complexion that you’ve always wanted.


Glass Skin Facial treatment is for those who want their skin to look its best from skin deep even without makeup. It is a non-invasive and deeply penetrating skincare therapy system that results in a healthy, more hydrated and rejuvenated skin.


Skip the tedious and expensive 10-step Korean skincare routine for an easier way to get that ultimate skin goal of a glass-like healthy glowing skin that shines from within.


Book your consultation with us today and give your skin some love with the Aivee Glass Facial!


“Glass Skin”, The Newest Obsession in Skincare Cop that K-Beauty Glow!


Glass Skin is in!


If you are on the radar of the latest Korean beauty trends, you’re probably familiar with this term and is now probably on a strategic skincare routine in hopes of achieving this type of envious complexion.


Smooth, pore-less, luminous, baby-like complexion– that’s the ultimate goal when it comes to skincare these days. This has become the trending look at the moment that had many people, even celebrities alike rave so much about. And it’s not just the fascination with the whole K-culture scene but rather the result itself that could even pass as a new generation of skin type that anyone would love to have.


What type of skin is this again if you may ask? It’s Glass Skin.


The Aivee Glass Facial is a non-invasive 3-in-1 skin enhancement procedure that deeply pampers the skin for a brightened, hydrated, and more youthful complexion. The treatment works by spraying hydrating serums into the face at high pressure with a machine so it penetrates deeply into the skin without direct skin contact by transdermal infusion. This is made possible through Aivee Clinic’s dedication to bringing only the most innovative aesthetic treatments in the country.


Stars like Kathryn Bernardo have also tried this amazing procedure and is absolutely loving it. And we must say she exudes more beauty with her more refined and glassy complexion plus she looks even fresh even with no makeup.


The treatment takes only around a relaxing 45 minutes which can be done on both face and neck. It’s that fast and easy you can just walk into the clinic and walk out fresh and ready for your next schedule since it involves no downtime. Also if you want to take a break from wearing makeup but still want to look your best, this facial treatment will definitely make you confident about not wearing one.


Aside from the intense hydration, the Aivee Glass Facial treatment can also help your skin increase its elasticity and collagen production. These result in the reduction of fine lines and pores that leave you a supple, healthier, and glass skin complexion after every session.


Overall, if you’re someone who just doesn’t have the luxury of time, and maybe just lazy to do all that 10-steps or more beauty regimen, but still wants to cop that envious glass skin beauty, the Aivee Glass Facial is the perfect anti-aging treatment that does just that for you.


Book your consultations now and see how glass-smooth your skin can be made possible by the one and only The Aivee Clinic.

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