Madonna TX (Oxylight Facial)

Ageless beauty is not easy to achieve but not with the Aivee Madonna TX. This 6 in 1 skincare treatment is the ultimate in anti-aging facials as it uses the combined benefits of oxygen and light to help the skin rejuvenate, trigger collagen production, target various signs of aging, and all other skin concerns in one session leaving you a flawless and ageless complexion.


For that radiant ageless beauty, try the Aivee Madonna TX today and see yourself looking young while you age gracefully.


Achieve Immaculate Skin with the Ultimate in Anti-Aging Treatments: The Madonna TX Oxylight Facial


Kutis-artista” —- that’s the kind of skin most people dream to have. There’s this distinct radiance that celebrities emanate and it’s not the kind of glow that you can just easily hack even with professional makeup skills.


Ageless beauty is not something that everybody is naturally blessed with. Even celebrities themselves don’t find that easy to achieve. Some even go through great lengths just to have that immaculate glow that radiates from within.


Speaking of celebrity skincare, it takes more than just proper diet, exercise, and skincare routines to maintain the kind of appearance required for their line of work. A lot of people especially women want to keep that youthful glow for as long as they can.


To look 30 when you’re actually 50, that’s a definite skin goal!


The Ultimate in Anti-Aging Facials — that’s how the Aivee Clinic describes the Madonna TX. But before we get into details about what this amazing facial is, ever wonder where it got its famous name? If it’s not too obvious, it’s named after the celebrity icon as it is literally one of her not-so-secret beauty treatments that kept her younger-looking in her sixties.


The Aivee Madonna TX is the ultimate anti-aging treatment that gives your skin the total workout as it battles all your skin and aging concerns. From wrinkles and sagging skin to acne, hyperpigmentation, scars, clogged pores, lymphatic drainage, and other visible signs of aging, the Madonna TX Treatment is the ultimate package.


This anti-aging treatment is done in six easy steps and delivers an Oxylight facial, an innovative technology that combines pure oxygen and light which effectively elevates the benefits that you get from this treatment.


Let’s go through each step:


  • STEP 1: Cleansing and Diamond Microdermabrasion 


The cleansing step is quite a prerequisite where the face is stripped off from makeup and dirt so your skin is clean. The diamond microdermabrasion (diamond peel) is a deep, extra-fine exfoliating procedure that preps the skin for better absorption of the next treatments.


  • STEP 2: Lymphatic System Cleansing 


This is a negative pressure therapy that uses a little apparatus that is used to suction and massage the neck (around the lymph nodes) to help cancel out bloat, improve blood circulation and lessens the visibility of cellulite.


  • STEP 3. Anti-aging serum and High-Pressure Oxygen Spray


Anti-aging serum is massaged to the face in between the lymphatic drainage oxygen spray for better absorption. The oxygen spray gives extra hydration by delivering moisture-rich oxygen into the deepest layers of the skin.


  • STEP 4. Biosonix Ultrasound


This step aims to focus on really delivering all the good stuff to your skin. It is a combination of ultrasound and LED light to allow the serum moisturizer, and vitamins to be absorbed in the skin as well as uses the oxygen spray to deliver the potent skincare into the deep layers of the skin. This step is really relaxing as it works as a warm facial massage.


  • STEP 5. Myolight Microcurrent 


This step is for deep toning and contouring of the facial muscles. After that lulling facial massage, this step will wake you up with low-level currents delivered all over your face. This step may sting a bit due to the currents but the higher level of currents you can manage, the better the result.


  • STEP 6. Oxylight Full Spectrum LED Light Panel 


This step allows the pure oxygen to be absorbed into the skin as it improves your overall complexion as it addresses various skin needs. It stimulates the collagen to help with the tightness of the skin, improves the appearance of the skin damaged by the sun, kills bacteria, and reduces skin irritation and inflammation.


This step will help you relax with the subtle warmth of the light being delivered to your skin. This requires your eyes covered to protect it from the light. The treatment ends with a relaxing peel-off clay mask to soothe your skin after all the skin workout.


No wonder the Aivee Madonna TX is the ultimate facial treatment. You get 6 procedures in one treatment and it addresses almost all of your skin concerns. From skin tightening, acne treatment, anti-aging, and more, this treatment will give you that immaculate complexion that you always wanted and it gets better the more you maintain this treatment.


The Aivee Clinic offers one of the finest Madonna TX in the Philippines so rest assured that you’ll come out younger, fresh, and renewed after the workout. Their state-of-the-art procedures never fail to amaze as they provide you a roster of great skin treatment options that give you instant and long-lasting results.


Maintaining beauty has never been this easy! Visit the Aivee Clinic for more skin and body treatments for all your skin concerns.

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