Pico Enlighten

Melasma? Dark spots on skin? Unwanted tattoos? You can now get rid of them all! Now there’s an easy way to correct all your skin discoloration issues.


Aivee Pico Enlighten is a cutting-edge laser technology that helps resolves melasma, freckles, wrinkles, and other skin issues caused by pigmentation. This powerful laser treatment also works safely and effectively removing unwanted tattoos and treat benign pigmented lesions.

The Aivee Pico Enlighten treatment is a powerhouse that helps reverse the signs of aging to promote a more even, vibrant-looking complexion that’s healthy from in and out.


Truly a breakthrough technology for solving various skin pigmentation and discoloration issues.


The Best Non-ablative Way To Remove Tattoos


Tattoos can be absolutely beautiful and getting one can be rewarding. They can hold so much meaning, but they can also sometimes hold so much regret that you’d want them removed. Although tattoos are permanent, the latest technologies now have a solution to removing unwanted tattoos.


With a growing number of individuals looking for ways on how they can get the ink out of their skin due to tattoo regret, pigment and tattoo removal became an essential part of any aesthetic practice. Tattoo removal can be done in many ways from chemical peels, dermabrasion, surgical excision, to laser treatments. These procedures may inflict some pain, some even say that getting rid of it is comparable to when you are getting inked.


However, if you want a non-invasive way and involves no downtime in getting your ink removed, the Aivee Pico Enlighten by the Aivee Clinic is one of the best non-ablative treatments that you can try today. This laser treatment is only one of the best in Aivee Clinic’s roster of well-praised skin treatments that deliver splendid results not only in tattoo removal but as well as an effective solution to all types of pigmentation problems such as brown spots, freckles, and facial redness.


The Pico Enlighten treatment is a breakthrough in laser skincare that maximizes dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser technology to target pigmentation and discoloration in the skin. It also helps reverse the signs of aging and skin damage due to sun exposure. The laser energy’s micro-pulses act by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production to promote a health and vibrant complexion.


Along with its other skin treatments, the Aivee Clinic is proud to offer one of the best Pico Enlighten in the Philippines. For this treatment, you can expect no downtime and tattoos start to fade after a series of sessions. The results are subtle on the first few sessions but you’ll be surprised by the dramatic effect of the treatment series. The result is a brighter, younger, rejuvenated, even out skin.


Book your Aivee Pico Enlighten treatment now and see how your skin can turn from dull to vibrant!

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