Aivee Picosure

Laser treatments can be used to permanently get rid of mild to moderate scarring. The Aivee Picosure is a non-ablative laser treatment that delivers picosecond laser energy that safely and deeply penetrates the skin to help diminish dark spots and other pigment issues, helps lighten scars from acne, stretch marks as well as effectively wipes out tattoos with little to no downtime.


Aivee Picosure is also a great anti-aging treatment that helps stimulate collagen production to get rid of wrinkles and help your skin rejuvenate.


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A Sure Treatment for Pigment, Wrinkles and Acne Scars


There are things in life that tend to leave a mark for us to remember. But hey, let’s not go to the emotional stuff because, in this article, it will only be talking about skin.


Speaking of marks, we all have body marks that we want totally gone. What we are talking about here are acne marks, stretch marks, scars, dark spots, and even that tattoo of your ex’s initials that you want to be gone so you can move on.


Kidding aside.


While pimples heal over time, it can sometimes turn into acne which is a much serious case especially when acne blemishes leave dark marks on your skin even after they heal. The appearance of these marks can sometimes be bad and can even lower someone’s self-esteem. This can be very frustrating but totally uncommon.


Aside from acne marks are stretch marks that can naturally appear along with weight change, puberty and pregnancy. While these tiger stripes can be something you can be proud of, some people want then gone along with other visible scars and pigmentation that they have in their skin.


If you are looking for a safe and effective solution for these skin concerns, the Aivee Clinic has got you all covered. The Aivee Institute offers the first Picosure in the Philippines which is a technology that many celebrities swear by for its deep-pigment busting capacity.


Some marks can lighten with creams and other beauty products, but then results may vary from skin to skin and may take a long time to take effect if they really work. Not to mention, erasing your tattoo is impossible with these creams. But not with the Aivee Picosure.


Say Goodbye to Scarring and Pigmentation with Aivee Picosure


Laser treatments can be used to get rid of mild to moderate scarring. The Picosure treatment is a non-ablative laser treatment that uses a specialized handpiece that delivers picosecond laser energy that is short so it does not damage the skin. Picosure is a great anti-aging treatment as it helps stimulate collagen production to help rejuvenate the skin. Aside from being a good skin rejuvenating treatment, it helps diminish stretch marks, birthmarks, acne scars and can also wipe out tattoos without a trace.


Like any other laser treatments, patients can feel a little sting and redness in their skin similar to having sunburn as it clears the skin from pigmentation, dark acne scars as well as black or colored tattoos. The Aivee Picosure is actually a comfortable laser treatment and patients are given numbing cream before the procedure.


With continued laser treatment, you can already see your marks start to fade away after every treatment and some even swear to have seen outstanding results even after three laser treatments.The anti-scarring effect is typically permanent, however, since anti-aging and rejuvenation are something to be maintained, you will need to ask your dermatologist what other treatments you can try for your skin needs.


Good thing the Aivee Clinic has a good roster of highly safe and effective treatments fit for any skin concerns. For more information about the Aivee Picosure as well as for bookings, contact the Aivee Clinic today and see how your skin can improve more beautifully.

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