Porcelain TX (Starbright)

Achieving a healthy glow than radiates from within has never been this easy!


With Aivee Porcelain TX, help your skin rejuvenate to achieve that porcelain glow you’ve always wanted! This innovative laser treatment helps lighten sunspots for the even and brighter glow sans the downtime. No pain, no peeling. It’s a perfect rejuvenating solution for dull skin.


Book your Porcelain TX treatment today and see how your skin can radiate from inside and out!


You Can Now Achieve Instant Radiant Glow with this Aivee Treatment


Maintaining the glow you’ve always had can be a challenge especially when life gets too busy. The lack of sleep, stress, and even an unhealthy diet can literally speed up the signs of aging that your skin gets dull and dry.


Ironically, life sometimes sucks the life out of your skin.


While these can rob your skin of the glow it used to have, you can still revive your skin back to health by taking care of it.


Large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and dull skin — if you have any or more of these skin issues, you may want to consider having them all treated with one laser treatment that can address them all.


Porcelain TX by the Aivee Clinic is a non-ablative laser facial treatment that is designed to brighten the skin. This innovative brightening treatment lightens the skin by delivering just the right amount of heat without causing damage. It also helps treat stubborn pigmentation, sun spots, large pores, and other visible lines to give you a more healthy and younger glow.


This rejuvenating and brightening laser treatment is only one of Aivee Clinic’s best laser systems that address multiple skin issues under one powerful but safe treatment. Celebrities like Angel Locsin maintain this treatment to keep her skin radiant-looking and always camera-ready even without makeup.


The Porcelain TX treatment in the PH is an effective skin rejuvenating treatment that can make your skin glow and healthy-looking. It gets rid of the dullness without the pain, peeling, and no downtime.



Don’t let your busy schedule rob the life out of you. You can absolutely still look fab and radiant even when you’re busy being awesome in life.


Say Yes! to glowing skin that radiates with life from within. Book for your Aivee day now, for more Aivee treatments that your skin will thank you for!

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