Aivee Protégé

The Aivee Protégé is a safe and effective, non-surgical skin tightening and contouring treatment that uses high-frequency radio waves that help stimulate the formation of new collagen and strengthens its network in the skin. It helps reduce the laxity of the skin which makes wrinkles and other obvious signs of aging less visible. It also significantly removes some fat deposits for a smoother and more contoured look.


With Aivee Protégé, see your jowls reveal that gorgeous jawline you’ve always had.


Book your consultation with the Aivee Protégé today and see promising results!  


Reasons Why Protégé Skin Tightening Treatment is to Rave For 


Our skin changes as we age. As we get older, we might notice wrinkles, age spots, worry lines, and dryness starting to appear. What appears to be more obvious is the skin around our eyes, jawline, and neck starting to sag and droop as time goes by. For someone who always wants to look her best, having all these body issues can be frustrating.


You may even have resorted to using many different skin products which some may take too long to work just to defy these signs of aging and may even have looked into surgical treatments but find them too expensive and too invasive.


Good thing now there’s Protégé, a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that is your solution to aging skin.


Here are some amazing facts why Protege Skin Tightening Treatment is one of the best skin hacks to defy skin aging:



  1. It’s Non-invasive with No Downtime


Maintaining good skin doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and painful. Protégé is a safe and effective skin contouring and tightening device that utilizes high-frequency radio waves that stimulate and strengthen collagen formation to tighten the skin on areas where it lax.


The procedure is non-surgical, thus, it’s safe and has no downtime so it’s painless. The device works by massaging it on the problem areas such as in the areas of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, legs, and other areas where skin tends to sag. While this treatment sounds simple, the high-frequency waves that are emitted can reach the innermost layers of the skin which produces heat and triggers collagen production.


The Aivee Protégé also works great when you want to maintain and improve the results of other skin treatments like Thermage and Ulthera.



  1. Effectively Targets the Biggest Areas of Concern on Sagging Skin


Protégé can be used on the most problematic areas of sagging skin and wrinkles which is around the cheeks, forehead, under-eye, and jawline. Nadine Lustre has been using Protégé to prevent droopy eyelids and improve her eye area and this treatment is definitely one of her favorites.


Aside from the face where the signs of aging are obvious, it can also address minor skin laxity on other body areas such as in the abdomen, arms, and knees. Protégé will help tighten the skin and remove some fat deposits so it effectively improves the appearance of sagging neck, drooping eyebrows, fallen cheeks, and jowl for a more defined jawline.


  1. Feel the Results Almost Instantly 


Many clients shared to have seen minor results almost immediately after the treatment. The skin will feel tight and firm due to the shrinking and tightening of the existing collagen as a reaction to the energy applied by Protégé. Measurable results usually show up in two to three months as the skin is rebuilt from the inside out with the new collagen leaving you a more contoured and youthful glow.


  1. Long-Lasting Effects 


The result of Protege is long-lasting and can last for years following maintenance. The treatment is performed in a series of 2-4 sessions which are done every 2-3 weeks after each session. Some patients see the results they want after 2 sessions, however, others opt to have more to have the optimal results.


To maintain the effects of Protege, you can also opt to try other skin tightening treatments such as Ulthera and Thermage which Aivee Clinic is also proud to offer, to continue the healthy production of collagen for a more youthful skin.


  1. Protégé is for All 


Protege is proven safe and effective for all ages. Anyone with unwanted sagging skin but doesn’t want the invasive surgical skin tightening procedure is a perfect candidate for Protégé.


While aging is a natural life process, this does not mean that you have to look your age. Bringing you the very first Protégé Skin Treatment in the Philippines, you can now have the safest and most effective way of experiencing youth all over again.


For years, the Aivee Clinic has been dedicated to bringing only the best and the latest cutting-edge technology for achieving beauty that transcends almost all common skin needs and fit for all skin types.

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