Aivee Robotic Lift

As time goes by, our skin loses its tightness and elasticity making it sag in places where we don’t want it to, especially on the jowl, cheeks, and neck. This can be frustrating especially when you want to always look your best.


Save your stress from the unwanted sagging with Aivee Clinic’s newest skin lifting and contouring technology that works deep into the skin to give it the lift it needs that gives your features more definition.


The Aivee Robotic Lift is the newest ultrasound technology that uses a state-of-the-art device that sends ultrasound to the deepest layers of the skin and works by giving it the boost to enhance collagen formation that tightens skin for a more youthful and contoured appearance. It is a quick, non-invasive, and very effective skin tightening treatment that gives you an instant noticeable lift after every treatment.


Give your skin the boost of collagen that it needs. Book your consultation for the Aivee Robotic Lift today.


Robotic Face Lift: A Micro Facelift Without the Scalpel


Loose skin can be very frustrating especially when it impacts your self-esteem. While there are many ways you can develop sagging skin apart from aging, it can be difficult to reverse it once it’s there.


While there are products that you can use to minimize sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, the result can still be minimal. If you want a quicker solution for your skin problem, opting for a treatment that works deeply into your skin is the best way to go. However, we are not talking about cosmetic surgeries here that give you the pain before the beauty.


Gone are the days of super invasive treatments that take too long to heal and if you think about it, you may even wonder if the result after the recovery will turn out exactly as how you imagined yourself to be. People now are looking for beauty enhancement treatments that are non-surgical, safe, and offers guaranteed results.


That’s exactly what Aivee Clinic brings you — effective and non-invasive beauty enhancement treatments that pamper your skin from within.


if you have problems with sagging skin, you may opt to try Aivee Clinic’s newest ultrasound technology which is the Robotic Lift Treatment.


Celebrities like Denise Laurel have tried this new innovation that help her prepped up to go back to work. With the Robotic Face Lift, her skin regained its tightness and her face is lifted beautifully so there’s no need for contour. What she loves about it is that it’s painless plus there’s only minimal downtime which includes subtle redness.


What is more unique about the Robotic Lift is that the device moves as it massages your skin. How it works is that the device uses ultrasound to deeply penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin to boost collagen production so your skin will bring back its tightness.


It also provides instant micro lifting and contouring effect that can last for up to a year for just one to two sessions. The effects also improve over time which will give you a more beautiful and younger look.


Book your consultation with us today and see how a little lift can make your beauty shine even more!

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