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Anti Pigment Kit Solution for Bright and Beautiful Skin.
FDA APPROVED, a cutting-edge skincare line for maximum results.
Designed to give maximum results with minimal fuss.
Specialized sets designed to give more radiant and brighten skin.
Phytonutrient rich formula that boosts skin immune defense.
Tightens and firms skin to reduce superficial wrinkles for a supple, radiant look.
Daily cleanser with stabilized Vitamin C derivated to transform your complexion.
A rich, luxurious cream that hydrates and instantly reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.
Completely formulated and made in our partner laboratory in Singapore.
Address the main problems of anti-aging, hydration, and dull-looking skin.
Designed to give maximum results to treat different types of skin types.
Designed to give maximum results with minimal fuss.
Formulated to whiten underarms
A cleanser that enhances the appearance of dehydrated skin.
A cleanser for brighter and younger-looking skin.
100% botanical source, provides a natural soothing effect.
Minimizes dullness & appearance of spots, revealing a more luminous skin.
Purchase Aivee Skin Silver Bank and receive P2,500 free credits + 1pc Aivee Crystal Mask
Designed to treat different types of skin types and dull-looking skin.
Completely formulated for brightening, anti-aging, hydration for dull-looking skin.



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