Start Your Year with a Lift with TempSure

2020 was definitely filled with surprises. But they aren’t exactly the kind of surprise that we all had in mind. The beginning of last year’s pandemic indeed gave us a bunch of things to get stressed about that all you want for the new year is a fresh start.  This 2021, it’s time to get […]

Period Skin Care Every Woman Should Know

Menstrual Period. It’s a vicious cycle that only women can relate to so men shouldn’t even fight us on this.  Uncontrollable mood swings, massive food cravings, muscle cramps, and sudden breakouts, when these just ticked off your list of what you’re feeling right now, then you know… it’s almost that time of the month again. […]

The Wonders of Botox: Things You Need To Know Before Getting It

We bet this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about BOTOX. Infos about BOTOX is almost anywhere, from derma clinics to social media, people talk about wanting to get it. Not to mention the number of celebrities who have been doing it to maintain their appearance in order to look fleek in the public eye.

Here’s How to Improve Your Lifestyle this 2021

With days to go before 2021, we all look forward to a year much better than this. Although the news says otherwise, we all just need to adapt, find ways, and try to make better choices to help us through this whole situation. While this past year was a hell of a mess, we all just want a fresh new start.

Do I Still Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors?

One of the most common misconceptions that we know when it comes to sun protection is that “there is no need to put sunscreen on when you’re indoors”. Unfortunately, this is something that needs to be debunked.