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Post-Christmas Weight-Loss Regimen to Get You Back in Shape For the New Year

Christmas is the time to feast—to eat like a King! So if ever you’ve gained some weight over the Holiday than you shouldn’t have on normal days, nobody has the right to judge about how much you’ve gain under all those garments you’re wearing. When Christmas time is over, it’s time to take down all those Christmas decors to give way for a New Year that we all can look forward to.

When Christmas 2020 is over, it’s time to jump-start on your New Year’s resolutions. If hitting the gym and being generally healthy is one on your list, then Congratulations! You are about to start your year right. 

If you want to start the year on a healthier note, you may want to plan for your diet and fitness journey as early as now. It’s not ever too late to decide to jump on the healthy eaters’ bandwagon. For the sake of good health, what better way to jumpstart your resolutions than to get back to clean eating. 

Here are some easy but effective post-Christmas weight-loss regimen that can support you on your goal of getting back in shape for the coming new year: 

1. Quit the Guilt 

Before even starting with anything physical on your weight-loss program, lose your guilt over having an indulgent feast last Holiday season. Keep in mind that what affects your weight and your overall and long-term well-being is not because of what you ate excessively last Noche Buena but it is because of what you eat regularly. Over-indulgence at one time is not a mortal sin and is definitely not a health crisis. Besides how else would you wanna spend your Holidays other than enjoying good food and being with your family? 

2. Boost Your Metabolism with Warm Water

For those people watching their weight this holiday season, warm water is your best drinking ally. Aside from it not having unnecessary calories, warm water also boosts your metabolism. Squeeze some lemon juice on a warm glass of water in the morning to flush out the toxins from your body and to help improve your metabolism. 

We all know that when it’s the holiday season, you tend to get invited to left and right parties or family gatherings where you are forced to consume food. If you don’t want to overindulge at every food table you attend, drink lots of water to feel full. That way you won’t get tempted to eat more than you should. 

3. Say No to Alcohol

Christmas and New Year will never be complete without alcohol. As much as we are conscious about our health, it’s just socially appropriate to consume alcohol with friends and family to celebrate getting together. To binge on alcohol is okay but not in excess. As your post-Christmas detox, you got to give your liver some break by taking out alcohol from your diet. If you’re watching your diet, alcohol is one of your biggest threats in four ways. First, it’s high in calories. Second, it stops your body from burning fat. Third, it just makes you feel hungry, and lastly, your hunger can lead you to poor food choices. 

4. Get Rid of the Christmas Leftovers

Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to clear out your kitchen full of Christmas leftovers. Clear out your cupboards and fridge of all the food you pledge not to eat on your post-Christmas diet. Give away your stash of biscuits and chocolates and restock with healthier snacks such as nuts, veggies, and fruits instead of the usual junk foods that you eat when hungry. 

5. Plan Your Exercise 

The month of January is always one of the busiest months of the year for fitness gyms. With losing weight after the holiday season being often the most common resolution, gyms are quite jam-packed. 

If going to the gym is not your cup of tea for exercise, plan for specific exercise routines that you can do at home. The key to this regimen is consistency and commitment. If you want to stay fit and lose weight, you will need to commit yourself to exercise. Keeping a specific diet is not enough to help you lose weight the healthy way. The problem with following a specific diet is that it deprives you of the things you badly want to eat. One great benefit of exercise, you can control your weight gain even if you have your cheat days. Make a workout plan that is realistic for you, and commit yourself to it.

Holiday weight can be difficult to lose. But with realistic goals and commitment to put in hard work and effort, as well as discipline, your road to a healthier and more fit you for the new year won’t be far ahead. 


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