Aivee Clear with free Clarifying Toner


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Reveal your best skin with Aivee Clear!


Aivee Clear is a portable device with 4 available probes used to help clear out the skin from blackheads and acne while removing dead skin cells. It also promotes skin elasticity which tightens and lifts the skin and works to target fine lines and wrinkles and help exfoliate dead skin and help fade scars.


Get a FREE CLARIFYING TONER  for every purchase of AIVEE CLEAR


  • Purify Pores: Deeply removes blackheads, acne and oil inside skin and pores.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Gently removes dead skin and makes the skin silky and smooth.
  • Skin Contouring: Massages and tightens skin, improves double chin, and contours face.
  • Reduce Fine Lines: Gently lifts the skin to increase vitality and reduces fine lines.
  • Blue Light Therapy: Eliminates acne-causing bacteria and helps ease inflamed skin.


  • Big Round Probe: Sucks out blackheads and acne, lifts the face for a nice contour.
  • Small Round Probe: Similarly, it sucks blackheads and acne in moderation in the corner of the nose.
  • Oval Probe: Promotes skin elasticity that tightens and lifts the skin. It also addresses fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Microcrystalline Probe: The probe head simultaneously grinds and sucks to remove dead skin, which can help fade scars when used consistently.


Warranty period is valid for one(1) year from the date of purchase. Warranty is valid provided with the complete kit, including the user manual and technical specifications.


*Note: For International Orders, we only allow 2 units per transaction. *


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2 reviews for Aivee Clear with free Clarifying Toner

  1. michaelnackorda

    I got my order in less than 24 hours! The Aivee Clear device is so good, it sucked out all my white and black heads and the exfoliating nozzle is super nice it gently exfoliates your skin REAL TIME!! The other treats part of the box like the soap, pore minimizer are all such nice products! THE PACKAGING is REALLY GOOD! A treat to buy and have!

  2. Marren Kelly Acuesta

    I’m loving the Device. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and it’s really effective. Hoping for better results with continued use❤️

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