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Aivee Glass Anti Aging Ampoule



Filled with the finest and rich nutrients extracted from land and sea.


Filled with the finest and rich nutrients extracted from land and sea. It is a concentrated ampoule that can provide rapid improvement effects instantly in a short period of time.


  • Lactobacillus & Yeast Fermentation Extract
    • Penetrating deep into the skin to stimulate regeneration of the skin cells.
  • Korean Medicine Herbal Complex Ingredient
    • Helps improve skin irritation and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Ginseng Extract
    • Protects skin from harmful oxygen species and gives energy and vitality to tired skin.
  • Niacinamide
    • Improves dark spots, making the skin clear and clean from the inside.
  • 7 Peptides
    • Boosts cellular metabolism.


Note: The Aivee Glass Mist Ampoule can ONLY be used with the Aivee Glass Skin device to give optimal results. Specific pressure & temperature from the Aivee Glass Skin device is required to accurately push the Aivee Mist into the skin. Aivee Glass Device must be purchased before buying the Aivee Glass Mist Ampoule. 

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