Aivee Product Must-Haves this COVID-19 Season

Great thing Aivee Clinic has a line of skincare products that are specially developed to address skin issues such as anti-aging and acne. In this article, we’ll look into some Aivee product must-haves that are perfect to have this COVID season.

Don’t Just Follow the Trend Know Your Skincare

Speaking of Korean beauty, we’ve developed a fascination about how Koreans always look perfect with their runway-worthy sense of style, and not to mention their seamless glowing skin. Like, what’s their secret? There’s this one skincare style that either turns people off or lights them up like dynamite. It’s the so-called 10-steps Korean Skin Care routine.

How Good is Intermittent Fasting? Does it Really Work Though?

For some people, losing weight can be quite a challenge. Not everyone can easily shed off some extra pounds whenever they say they will. We all have different body types, different lifestyles, and different body responses to exercise and diet.

Skin Treatments for a Perfectly Contoured Face

We all want that perfectly contoured appearance– a small face, puffed cheeks, and a well- defined jawline. Well, it’s the “Kardashian effect” that made us do it — the contouring.