“To be considered an expert in dermatological science; rigorous training, extensive research, and stable continuing education are essential considerations. However, we believe that strong interpersonal characteristics exhibited by a friendly and genuinely caring attitude are qualities that should truly define “expertise”. – Dr. Aivee Teo

Skin Tightening

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A revolutionary non-surgical facial lifting and skin tightening procedure using focused ultrasound to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Perfect for eyes, jowls, and neck. One treatment is enough for a noticeable lift. With results that can last up to a year, Ulthera is the preferred treatment of busy clients. However, if patients opt for want an even more powerful face lift, Ulthera can be done twice per year, or every 6 months, to maximize results.

Downtime: Minimal to none

Interval: Every 6 months

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A relaxing 45-minute treatment for achieving effective skin tightening with results that last up to a year. This procedure uses radio frequency tech that penetrates into skin’s deep layers to promote collagen and elastin effective lifting and tightening. Thermage sculpts skin by remodeling collagen to make fine lines and wrinkles less visible. It is also best for treating droopy eyelids and sagging under eyes.

Downtime: None

Interval: Every 6 months

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Beverly Hills Lift

Hollywood-worthy skin treatment that addresses saggy skin and/or underlying fat. Radio frequency helps achieve a visibly tight and contoured face.