Aivee Product Must-Haves this COVID-19 Season

Since the start of the pandemic, there are a lot of things we miss doing pre quarantine —- like going for coffee with friends, dining at our favorite restaurants, going shopping, and basically anything that has something to do with going outside. All the more, we miss not wearing masks and face shields. We miss close interactions. All the moments of normalcy all seem suddenly became nostalgic. 

One thing that many of us miss from our pre quarantine lives is the uninterrupted hours of pampering ourselves in salons and dermatologist clinics. That feeling of reward as we allow ourselves to rejuvenate after a tiring day. Stepping out of the derma, we feel like a brand new person. All these are now just part of a once upon a COVID-free world. 

Although skin care clinics like The Aivee Clinic are now back to business, people still find it difficult to get back to their usual appointments due to safety concerns. This leaves others to resort to other alternatives like finding the best products for their skin to combat various skin conditions that are mostly caused by this whole COVID fatigue. 

Great thing Aivee Clinic has a line of skincare products that are specially developed to address skin issues such as anti-aging and acne. In this article, we’ll look into some Aivee product must-haves that are perfect to have this COVID season. 

Smart Skin Kits by Aivee Skin 

When it comes to skin and body treatments, The Aivee Clinic has always been first to the latest and most effective technologies. With years of development, they have provided their clients with the most innovative solutions to various skin needs. From anti-aging, weight loss, anti-acne to rejuvenation treatments, The Aivee Clinic has become one of the trusted skincare clinics in the country. 

Apart from their in-house treatments, they’ve also released a complete skincare line, developed by their partners in Singapore, that addresses many skin issues. They aim to simplify skincare with products that are right for you, thus, introducing Aivee Skin’s range of Skin Kits designed to give maximum results with minimal fuss, our 5 specialized sets are designed to treat different types of skin types and address the main problems of acne, brightening, anti-aging, hydration, and dull-looking skin.

Here are some that are perfect for this quarantine season: 

Aivee Glow Kit

The Aivee Glow Kit is designed to reveal healthy & brightening glowing skin. This kit includes an Illuminating Cleanser from the same line that gently cleanses and brightens dull skin. It also includes the Purity Toner which primes the skin for a boost of hydration from the rejuvenating Infinity Cream and Hydration Booster which help retain the moisture of the skin. Lastly, the Glow Kit also has the Super C-Plus Serum to help boost the collagen production of the skin making it look younger and brighter. 

Aivee Brightening Kit 

The Aivee Brightening kit is designed to treat different types of skin types and dull-looking skin. This kit includes the Illuminating Cleanser, Purity Toner, the Lumi Bright Complex which is a potent elixir that restores skin clarity and brightness, and the Radiant Booster which helps bring back the radiance of your skin and minimize dark spots. 

Aivee Anti-Aging Kit

The Anti-aging Kit helps renew and revive skin. It includes the Infinity Cleanser, Purity Toner, the Regenerative Booster that stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, as well as two anti-aging creams, the Age Defiance Cream and Age Defiance Eye Cream. 

Aivee Hydrating + Moisturizing Skin Kit

This particular kit is one of the best sellers. A hydrating 5-step skincare regimen that addresses dry and dull skin. Aside from the Infinity Cleanser and Purity Toner, and Infinity cream, this kit includes a specially formulated Hydration Booster which helps the skin become soft and supple, as well as the Aivee Skin Soother which is formulated with phytonutrients that help boost the skin’s immunity. 

Aivee Anti-acne Kit

Since maskne is a common skin condition this pandemic, the Aivee Anti-Acne is the perfect skincare regimen to try for acne-prone skin. This kit includes the Clarity Cleanser, Clarity Toner, the Clarity Gel that protects the skin from free radicals and soothes inflammation. It also has the Ultra Spot Corrector which helps diminish the appearance of acne marks with the help of complex peptides. 

While you can’t visit your skincare clinic, try to find some products that work best for your skin type and your daily skin needs. If you aren’t sure which products would fit best for your skin condition, head on to Aivee Clinic’s official website for a visual consultation with our resident dermatologists. 
For more skincare products to try, visit the Aivee Boutique for more information. 


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