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Aivee Skin Treatments To Love According to Nadine Lustre

The Aivee Clinic is a haven for many celebrities alike who want to better care of their skin. With all the busy schedules, til morning tapings, lack of sleep that comes with their line of work, going to their trusted derma is one of the best ways to combat the effects of stress and aging. 

Not just for celebrities, Aivee Clinic also offers a wide range of skin and body treatments that are fit for everyone’s skin type. These treatments are expertly developed to bring superb solutions for a healthy and young-looking skin that glows from within. From facial brightening, face and body contouring, rejuvenating treatments, and more, the Aivee Clinic employs state-of-the-art technology to provide solutions to any skin needs. 

One of the many celebrities who spends her free days at the clinic is Nadine Lustre. 

ICYDK, Nadine usually spends some of her free time at the clinic to pamper herself. After all that busy schedule, what better way to pamper herself but to give her skin the much-needed care after being under the spotlight— and for that, the actress knows exactly where to go. 

We listed some of the skin treatments that you may want to try for yourself according to Nadine.

1. Thermage

First off, Nadine loves skin tightening treatments. It’s not that 26 is already old but it’s actually a good age to start with skin tightening treatments. The thing is at 25, the collagen that our body abundantly produces will naturally start to decrease. Collagen and elastin, by the way, are what keep the tightness of the skin. Once these run low, the skin starts to show some wrinkles and the skin starts to lax. 

Thermage is Nadine’s No. 1 pick when it comes to skin tightening. She maintains this treatment once a year to keep the wrinkles and lines at bay while it helps keep the tightness of her skin. This skin treatment helps promote collagen and elastin production so your skin gets better over time. 

2. Star Bright

If you are looking for a skin brightening treatment that can help your skin glow and have an even skin tone, the Aivee Star Bright is definitely one good option. Nadine maintains this treatment as it evens out her morena skin tone. This laser treatment  not only evens out skin tone, but also targets skin pigmentation, and even removes tattoos!

Nadine actually tried doing different kinds of treatments to lighten the burn scar she had before. Now she maintains the Star Bright treatment to lighten the appearance of her scar making it even with her skin tone so it’s almost not there.

3. Protégé

Nadine uses this treatment especially on her eye area to prevent droopy eyelids. Protégé can be done on the most problematic areas where the skin tends to sag and are prone to wrinkles such as in the forehead, cheeks, eye area, and jawline. 

It can also be used not just on the face but also on the body as well. What it does is boost collagen production using dual-energy to effectively tighten the skin. The results are visible almost instantly without the downtime and can last for a long time. 

4. Ultheraphy

Also known as Ulthera, this one is another skin tightening treatment that Nadine swears by. It’s a non-invasive skin lifting and tightening procedure that employs ultrasound to boost collagen to give the skin the lift it needs. This treatment is effective in improving laxity in the eyes, jowl, and neck to give you a more contoured look. 

5. Aivee Laser Hair Removal

Okay, who doesn’t want a good ole laser hair removal treatment? If you don’t want the traditional way of waxing which by the way can make your hair grow thick if not maintained, you may want to try the less painful and more permanent way of removing unwanted hair. The Aivee Laser Hair Removal uses an ultra-cooling mechanism so it’s a pain-free and a more comfortable way of removing stubborn hair growth. 

With all the skin treatments that Aivee Clinic has to offer, it’s no surprise that a lot of people not just celebrities but anyone who wants a new take on improving beauty and wellness, are raving to try their services. The Aivee Clinic has been developing its treatments for years so they have almost all the best treatment that your skin needs.

Come and visit the Aivee Clinic and give yourself the total pampering that you deserve!


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