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The Aivee Clinic Honored the Best Ultherapy in the Philippines and more in the 2020 Merz Tala Awards

It was yet again another year of a stellar performance by the Aivee Clinic, as the esteemed bagged the highest and most prestigious awards during the 2020 Merz Tala Awards. 

No pandemic can stop this prestigious award ceremony from happening as Merz Aesthetics, the company behind Ultherapy® and other aesthetic products known in the country, took this year’s Merz Tala Awards to an exceptional live-streaming event at the comforts of their guests’ home. Despite the new normal, the event pushed through with the Philippines ’ top-tier dermatologists, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, and beauty clinics all gathered “virtually” for an event full of appreciation and excitement. 

The biggest stars of the night were Aivee Clinic’s very own Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo who received star-studded awards for the clinic’s excellent performance this past year that made them the Champions in various categories. They were honored with the Overall 7-star Award which is the highest award of the night. The power-duo also received the 7-Star Ultherapy® Transducer Award, 7-Star Hyaluronic Acid Filler Award, 7-Star Neurotoxin Award, 7-Star Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler Awar, and lastly, the 5-Star Ultherapy®Control Unit Award. 

Since the launch of Ultherapy in the Philippines, it has become one of the must-try anti-aging treatments in skin clinics. In fact, Ulthera has been the staple treatment in the Aivee Clinic and is one of the favorite treatments of their clients for anti-aging. Ultherapy® is the only U.S FDA- approved, non-invasive skin tightening, and lifting procedure that treats the skin deep to stimulate the natural production of collagen through ultrasound technology.

For the event’s overall champs, Merz Aesthetics Asia Pacific regional commercial director, Conway Rappa, presented them the award with high praise on the clinic’s unwavering commitment in delivering aesthetic procedures with the highest quality standards. With the high recognition, he commended the Aivee Clinic, “They are masters in threading complete and beautiful experiences for their patients, from the moment they enter the clinic, to the moment they look into the mirror and love the results they see.” 

Rappa also highlighted the clinic’s response to the new normal and how they are a beacon of hope amid the ongoing pandemic. He added, “Despite the challenges of COVID-19, they were able to adapt quickly while prioritizing the safety and welfare of their patients and associates.” 

The Aivee Clinic opened its branches in Ayala Malls Vertis North, Commercenter in Alabang, and the A Institute in BGC after the quarantine has been lifted to continuously serve their clients. Now adapting to the new normal, new and strict protocols are being observed including rapid testing for the doctors, staff and patients to ensure safety. 

With a heartfelt speech given right at the comfort of their home, the Aivee Group’s Founder and CEO Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo expressed their appreciation for the privilege given through the prestigious award despite the current situation where the aesthetic and dermatology industry took a hit because of the ongoing pandemic. 

As they received the Overall 7 Stars Award, The Aivee Group CEO Dr. Z Teo said, “ We just want to share this with our team of doctors and staff, they’ve worked hard throughout the year. Of course, we want to thank our patients who trust us to come and do the Ulthera and all the other treatments as well, for putting their faith and trust in our expertise and our group of doctors… It’s been a great journey, it’s been 10 years of consistently being on top of doing all of these treatments and we are feeling very happy about it.” 

The Aivee Group founder Dr. Aivee Teo also added, “Despite the pandemic and the current situation that we are facing, it’s really an honor that we can still help the aesthetic and dermatology industry. That we can still rise above all these challenges that we are all facing right now. And so for our Aivee Group family thank you so much for being with us and working so hard. For all our patients, thank you for your trust. And of course, to the Merz family, thank you so much for the love and support, I hope our partnership will continue for the next 10 years or so.” 

It was indeed a well-deserved feat for the Aivee Clinic family. For years, the Aivee Clinic has always been on top of their game while dedicating their expertise to delivering only the highest standard and most effective aesthetic and dermatology treatments for their patients. They have been developing for years and are always up to date when it comes to innovations in order to offer the best beauty solution. 

To explore more skin and body treatments that your skin will thank you for, book your appointments now, visit the Aivee Clinic and see for yourself how you can be the best version of yourself.


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