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You Can Now Achieve Instant Glass Skin at Home With this Skin Care Device

The world’s fascination with all things Korean continues to go massive and there seems to be no sign of stopping. From K-pop songs, K-idols, K-dramas to Korean skincare, we all want to know what’s in and what’s new. 

When it comes to great skin, it’s no secret that the Koreans have one of the best skin types in the world. And it’s not just because they are born to have poreless, porcelain skin, but it’s also because of their devotion to skincare. As the world already knows, Koreans have this obsession with healthy skin and beauty which we can’t really regard as a bad one. It is more of a good investment since naturally, it’s great to have good skin. 

This fascination with Korean skincare has got us good which explains why a lot of people have been trying to commit themselves to following their many-steps skincare routine, such as the 10-steps Korean Skincare. That’s a lot of steps and a lot of products as we may say, but if the result is an impeccable smooth and translucent skin, then where’s the waste in all of that? 

Perfect, dewy, porcelain skin is everyone’s ideal skin type. In the K-beauty lexicon, it’s called the Glass Skin. It’s simply the enviable complexion that Korean’s have.

If you aren’t committed to any skincare plans due to whatever excuse you may have and yet you still want to achieve this Glass Skin look that everyone’s been raving about, there’s this one skin treatment that you can do to achieve that instant Glass Skin sans the tedious 10-steps skincare.

This single step treatment that we are talking about is the ever famous Aivee Glass Facial Treatment by the Aivee Clinic. And in case it’s not on your radar yet, you can now achieve the same effects of this amazing skin care facial at the comfort of your very home with the new Aivee Glass Skin Home Device

The Aivee Glass Facial treatment is a non-invasive facial procedure that deeply pampers by spraying hydrating serums into the skin using a high-pressure machine for deep penetration resulting in a brightened, hydrated, and glowing complexion. This procedure is one of the staple treatments of Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre in the Aivee Clinic. And we must say, these girls rocked that glass skin complexion. 

Glass Skin Facial at the Comfort of Your Home

While skipping those 10-steps skincare with the Aivee Glass Facial isn’t better enough to get that envious glassy glow, the Aivee Clinic has again never failed to impress with their skincare innovations.

After months of research and development, they have developed a premium and cutting-edge skin device that will help you achieve that same perfect, dewy, glassy, porcelain skin brought by the Glass Skin Facial treatment at the comforts of your own home. 

With the Aivee Glass Skin Ultrafine Skin Care Spray, you can now achieve that Korean Glass Skin that you’ve always wanted at your convenience. This device comes with two Aivee signature anti-aging ampoules which are infused with the latest prime natural anti-aging ingredients such as ginseng and herbal extract, niacinamide, and 7 peptides that are essential to achieving that healthy dewy complexion. 

According to Dr. Aivee, this home treatment is best applied at night after cleansing and before your actual night skincare. This can also be done every day with each ampoule that can last for a few days. All you need to do is to attach the ampoule to the device, and then evenly spray it using the device to your skin for better and even absorption. Nadine, who often does the Glass Skin Treatment, has tried this latest innovation and has been lovin it since. 

It’s convenient and effective with the effects that get better after every treatment. So if you want to achieve that Korean glass skin, check out the Aivee Glass Skin treatment and home device today and get that perfect glow you’ve always wanted.
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