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The Secret’s Out! Here’s How to Have a Younger-Looking Skin

At a younger age, let’s say in your 20s, you might not even dare think about how you would look like when you are in your 40s. I mean, who even does that? Why worry about what you would look like years from now when you still look so fresh and young today?

Why worry now, when you can worry later right? —- You see, that’s the beauty of having a youthful complexion.

Let’s try to speed up the hands of time. Go in front of the mirror and imagine yourself 10 to 20 years from now. Do you still look fresh and young at that age? Or should you start caring now?

You see, as we age, maintaining a youthful and healthy skin can become challenging. Especially when the skin changes as we age. The skin can suffer from the loss of moisture which makes the skin dry and dull, and you may also have to deal with seeing some fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots around your face. You can’t really tell which sign of aging will come first.

So what then is the secret to having a glowing and younger-looking skin in the future? Well, the secret’s out —- Show your skin some love and take care of your complexion as early as now.

To achieve healthy younger-looking skin that could last you a few more years, here are several care tips that you can add to your lifestyle.

Always remove your makeup. Cleanse regularly.

Wash your face regularly to unclog your pores of grime, bacteria, excess oil and other products especially makeup. Skin problems such as acne are because of clogged pores so make sure you strip off your face of contaminants to avoid breakouts and skin irritation. Choose the right makeup remover to completely clean off your face from all the layers of makeup.

If you are looking for a nice cleanser to add to your cleansing routine, try the Aivee Clinic Cleansing Milk which is a gentle skin cleanser that soothes and cleanses the skin without causing irritation.

Moisturize Day and Night

No matter what skin you have, you should never miss out on applying moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated can help you maintain a youthful skin. It is important that you always moisturize both day and night especially after you cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. Apply a good amount of moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture into your skin. As you go on for the whole day it also serves as a layer of protection to your skin aside from sunblock. .

A good skincare routine is all about finding the right products that suit your skin type. If you are looking for a good skincare line to add to your routine, the Hydrating + Moisturizing Kit by Aivee Skin contains all the must-haves that is perfect for hydration and brightening , it also addresses the main problems of aging, and dull-looking skin. It’s a perfect skincare line that provides optimal results without much fuss.

Other than a good set of products that can take care of your skin on a daily basis, a good day at the skin clinic can make a whole lot of difference for your skin. Ever heard of glass skin? Well, Aivee Clinic’s Glass Facial is a non-invasive and deeply penetrating skincare therapy system that can give you the Korean skin glow, which is a clear, hydrated and glowing skin. Now, give your skin some love and moisturize!

Don’t forget the serum.

Add serum to your skincare routine aside from keeping it hydrated. A face serum can help you tackle different skin issues. It can help combat wrinkles, dark spots and dull skin that affect the health of your skin. The Super C-Plus Serum by Aivee Skin is one good serum that can help combat these skin stressors. It’s got antioxidant formulation that has two forms of Vitamin C and E which are essential in collagen production that affects skin aging. Consider adding a serum to your skincare routine to achieve a young and healthy-looking skin.

Protect your skin from UV rays.

We all know that getting too much sun exposure is bad for your skin and it’s one main catalyst for skin damage. If you want your skin to remain young and fresh, you gotta protect your skin well from the harsh UV rays. The way to do that is to wear a good sunscreen with a good SPF like the Aivee Clinic’s Sunscreen Cream with SPF 35 which is formulated . If you want a sunscreen to add to your makeup routine, the Sunscreen Foundation Cream with SPF40 by the same brand has a highly absorbent formula that provides a long-lasting, smooth, even coverage without clogging skin pores. Remember to always…always cover up as much as possible when the sun is too high.

Allow your skin to rejuvenate and get enough sleep.

If you want to maintain a younger-looking complexion, you need to have enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to premature aging. Crow’s feet, eye bags, sagging under eye and dark circle, wrinkles and fine lines are signs of skin aging. When you sleep, that is when the body rejuvenates itself. If you want to have total body rejuvenation, the Aivee Dome is a great body treatment that your body may need. It’s a full body detox treatment that allows total body relaxation as it helps boost the immune system and aids in weight-loss, detoxification and muscle recovery.

Even if life gets you on your toes because of the things you need to do or accomplish, always take time to rest and get enough sleep so you can replenish and be ready for more.

Shed off that dead skin. Exfoliate!

When you have dull skin, that’s not only because of built up stress, but also a result of dead skin cells built up on the surface of your skin. This could make you look older than you really are because it takes away the glow of your skin. You need to shed off that dead skin through gentle exfoliation. The Aivee Skin Foaming Gel Cleanser is perfect for any skin types. This gentle foaming cleanser has Alpha Hydroxy Acids that works with antioxidant Vitamin C and Japanese Green Tea to provide excellent exfoliative and antioxidant properties. This will leave your skin smooth, clean and more refreshed.

To bring back some glow to your skin, try the Aivee Angel Bright laser treatment which helps in brightening to get rid of your dull skin not only on the face but also on the other parts of your body. This will leave you completely rejuvenated with brighter and healthier -looking skin that glows from within.

We can never stop aging. But you can always choose to age beautifully by taking good care of your skin. Work on a skincare routine with skin products and practices that suits you and that really benefits your skin. Check For more skin and body treatments, and skincare products that you can truly trust.


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