Skin Treatments for a Perfectly Contoured Face

We all want that perfectly contoured appearance– a small face, puffed cheeks, and a well- defined jawline. Well, it’s the “Kardashian effect” that made us do it — the contouring. Corrective makeup has been a technique for quite some time already and we cannot get enough with how much it has changed the way people do their makeup. With just a few techniques and shadowing, you’ll achieve a well-defined feature that can last you a day. 

BUT — all these layers of contour makeup, we must say, are only a subtle illusion. What if you want a more permanent contour? What if you want to bring back the definition you once have when you were younger? 

Maintaining the natural contours of our face can be challenging especially with growing age. As we get older, gravity is taking its toll on our skin making it sag as collagen that holds the skin tight starts to break down.

When it comes to facial contouring, there are plenty of good options that you can have to do the trick. However, creams and makeup can only do so much. Skip the fake contour that fades at the end of the day and give your features more definition that could last long with these Aivee Clinic skin treatments for a perfectly contoured face. 

1. Ultherapy 

For a long-lasting toned appearance, the Aivee Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that targets loose skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen in the body via ultrasound technology. This results in tighter skin which will emphasize your features and will reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the face, eye area, neck, and jowl for a more rejuvenated and younger-looking skin. 

For just one to two sessions of the Ultherapy you can get the desired lift that your skin needs which could last for a year. 

Just recently, the Aivee Clinic has been awarded as one of the best providers of Ultherapy in the Philippines as the esteemed clinic was awarded the 7-stars award for their Ultherapy treatments during the 2020 Merz Tala Awards. 

2. Thermage 

Thermage treatment is an effective anti-aging skin lifting treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) technology that sculpts the skin by remodeling collagen which results in tighter skin that brings out the contours of the face. 

With Aivee Thermage, you can tighten loose skin in the under-eye area, cheeks, chin, abdomen, and other trouble areas prone to sagging. 

3. Robotic Lift

The Aivee Robotic Lift is another skin lifting procedure by the Aivee Clinic that uses ultrasound technology to combat sagging skin. The state-of-the-art treatment uses a device that sends ultrasound to the deep layers of the skin to boost the collagen to give the skin a micro-lift. 

What’s unique with the robotic lift is that the device massages your trouble area to bring back its tightness and it’s a relaxing procedure. With 1 or 2 sessions , with effects that could last for up to a year, this skin tightening treatment will provide that instant micro-lift and contouring effect that can help you achieve a younger and more rejuvenated aura. 

4. Beverly Hills Lift

This is one of Aivee Clinic’s most popular skin tightening treatments used by many beauty enthusiasts and celebrities. Stars like Nadine Lustre do this treatment as one of her maintenance treatments that keeps her skin tight and lifted, and always camera-ready. The Beverly Hills is also one of the favorite treatments by many Hollywood stars such as the Kardashians, hence, the name of the treatment. 

The Aivee Beverly Hills Lift works in contouring the skin using the radiofrequency technology to target deeply the skin to improve its collagen which will result in a more contoured look minus the sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines. It’s also a painless procedure with zero downtime. 

5. Protegé 

Lastly, from the roster of great skin contouring treatments of The Aivee Clinic, is the Aivee Protegé. This treatment is effective in targeting skin laxity in problematic areas where it is prone to sagging due to aging such as in the cheeks, forehead, eye area, and jawline. 

This treatment uses dual-energy to help stimulate the collagen network of the skin and helps get rid of some fat deposits that will improve the appearance of fallen cheeks, droopy eyelids, and sagging neck. It’s a good skin tightening treatment for the jowl to get a more defined jawline. It can also fix minor laxity in other body areas such as the knees, arms, and abdomen. 

Contouring definitely does the trick of enhancing your appearance and is still one of the best techniques when it comes to makeup. However, if you want to have longer-lasting results, you can try these non-invasive treatments by the Aivee Clinic to achieve that perfect face contour that you’ve always wanted. 

Book your appointment now and visit the Aivee Clinic for more effective skin and body treatments to love. 

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