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These Treatments Will Make You Say Goodbye To Unwanted Cheek Fat

Puffy and chubby cheeks make you look young and cute. But let’s be completely honest here. As you age, you don’t really want to look cute anymore. While looking young is the ultimate goal while adding years to your life, you’d rather see yourself looking like you’re aging with grace.

Sometimes when you wake up, you see your face all puffy and chubby that it gets frustrating sometimes. We all want that sharp jawline, chiseled and well-defined face. Matured yet age-defying— that’s the look most people go for starting in their late twenties.

If you are someone who’s aiming for a more sculpted look or just wanted to get rid of the sag and puff, why not go for a one-time big-time solution? Good thing the Aivee Clinic has some of the best face-slimming treatments that can help you achieve that well-defined features you’ll love.

For that gorgeous jawline and contoured face, Aivee Protege is definitely not one to miss. It’s a non-surgical skin tightening and contouring treatment that uses high-frequency waves to reduce skin laxity, smooth out wrinkles and improve your overall facial contours. What’s great about this treatment is that it’s like facial massage so it’s ultra-relaxing. No pain, no downtime. You can say goodbye to that unwanted cheek fat for a long time as results can last for years plus it’s for everybody!

Ever bothered by unwanted cheek fat and saggy skin? The Aivee Ulthera is your ultimate savior. This award-winning treatment is the cream of the crop when it comes to skin tightening. This treatment has been one of the staples of Aivee Clinic and has been a Top Pick by many celebrities. Heart Evangelista, Nadine Lustre, Kathryn Bernardo, and more have sworn by this treatment as one of the best treatments for anti-aging. This treatment effectively uses ultrasound to target the deepest layer of the skin to get rid of some unwanted fats and stimulates collagen formation to promote the tightness of the skin. This results in younger and more defined features.

Whether you want to de-puff or tighten your skin for a more defined look, Aivee Thermage will give you overall age-defying results. Stars like Bea Alonzo, Zanjoe Marudo, Heart Evangelista, Judy Ann Santos, and more have been delighted by this treatment for its amazing instant results. Rather than volumizing, the radiofrequency (RF) technology helps sculpt and remodel the collagen in the skin for that instant celebrity-like contours.

Aside from great skin tightening treatments, did you know that Aivee Clinic also houses an outstanding line of skincare solutions that you can purchase online for a DIY approach to maintaining beauty? Enter Aivee Skin — Aivee Clinic’s very skincare line that has all the skincare products you need for various skin problems.

Since we’re talking about skin lifting, check out the AiveeLift. It’s an ergonomically shaped sonic face massager that is designed to improve your skin from all angles. This device sends micro-current waves that can help boost collagen that will keep your skin tight and lifted. It also gives off frequency sonic pulsation which helps in the absorption of your daily skincare products. It’s the perfect skincare device that you can have at home especially in today’s pandemic.

No need to stress about having puffy cheeks and saggy skin because Aivee Clinic has got you all covered. From skin rejuvenating treatments, anti-aging to skin tightening, there’s always a solution for all your skin needs. Visit the Aivee Clinic’s website for more skin treatments and skincare products that your skin needs.


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